MAC USERS: Adobe Reader is not Mac’s default viewer for online PDFs. In order to use SBF forms successfully, please take these extra steps to ensure you are using Adobe Reader to fill-out our forms.


1.  If you are unsure whether you have a recent version of Adobe Reader installed on your Mac, visit the following link to download the latest version.

2.  Once you are certain you have Adobe Reader 10 installed on your Mac, return to the SBF website and click on the application or report form you wish to download.

3.  When the file opens, click File-> Save As… and save the form to a convenient place on your computer with an appropriate name (often times, we ask that you name your submission something specific- please read your respective submission instructions).

4.  Close or minimize the SBF webpage.

5.  Locate the form you just saved to your computer. Hold down the ‘control’ key as you single click on the documents icon.

6.  When a menu appears, choose “Open with…Adobe Reader.”

7.  Done! Your form will now function as intended. (We also advise that you choose to make Adobe Reader your default PDF viewer as it is universally used).