SBF Summer Fridays Begins May 31

The Foundation’s Chief Strategy Officer Barbara Andersen (left) and Communications Manager Jordan Killebrew (right) at the 2019 Santa Barbara County Leadership Awards on May 14.

It’s that time of year again! The Santa Barbara Foundation is beginning our annual tradition of Summer Fridays starting Friday, May 31 through Friday, September 6, 2019.

For the third straight summer, the Foundation will institute Summer Fridays, where in late May through early September, both our North County and South County offices close at 1 p.m. each Friday afternoon.

The Santa Barbara Foundation understands that we are working individuals with families, living in such an amazing space – we should be out spending quality time with loved ones, enjoying the sunshine and beauty of this area, and focusing on the well-being of ourselves, our families, and our communities.

Investments in wellness are a tradition at the Foundation. Years ago, our President & CEO Ron Gallo recognized the stressful nature of social sector work and decided to cut down the work week to 35 hours, while devoting 8 hours annually to paid volunteer time for each employee.

“For me, if I am not well, I am not producing good work,” said Jordan Killebrew, the Foundation’s Communications Manager. “I am thankful to SBF for encouraging me to be at my best.”

Social sector leaders enjoy the sunshine at the 2019 Santa Barbara County Leadership Awards on May 14.

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