South County

SBF Bicycle Commuters

Happy CycleMAYnia!

As we close out May, which is National Bike Month, we took a moment to celebrate CycleMAYnia and recognize our year-round bike riders at our South County Headquarters. Below, Santa Barbara Foundation staff members Nick Munday, Jordan Killebrew, Stephanie Roberson, Caleb Stumberg, and Sam Waterstone share why they ride to work!

SBF’s bike-riding staff celebrates CycleMAYnia outside of the South County Headquarters.

“I ride my bike to work to lessen my impact on the environment, to lead by example and encourage other women to cycle, and because the small endorphin rush can turn a bad morning into a great day.” – Stephanie Roberson, Operations Manager

“I ride to get my body moving in the morning, and it’s usually even faster than driving!” – Sam Waterstone, Communications Officer

“I ride for the fresh air and sunshine.” – Caleb Stumberg, Data Administrator

“I ride to appreciate the community around me, experience our beautiful home and get an exercise while doing it!” – Jordan Killebrew, Communications Manager

“I ride for the exercise.” – Nick Munday, IT Manager

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