Santa Barbara County Leadership Awards

The Santa Barbara Foundation will host the first annual Santa Barbara County Leadership Awards on May 14, 2019. This event will be free and open to the public to attend. Event registration is open and will close on Tuesday, May 7.

The award nomination process is now open for three awards honoring and celebrating the hard work, commitment and impact of our social sector leaders and organizations throughout the region. Below are the three awards and the guidelines for nominations.



Visionary Leader Award

The Visionary Leader Award recognizes an individual whose career has achieved extraordinary impact within the nonprofit sector, addressing one or more of Santa Barbara County’s most pressing long-term challenges. This individual demonstrates “out of the box” thinking that has led to enhancing the economic, cultural or social well-being of the County.

The Visionary Leader Award includes $75,000 to be allocated in support of the individual’s compensation and benefits ($25,000), general operating support for the nonprofit organization ($40,000), as well as staff training and development ($10,000).



Better Together Award

The Better Together Award honors a nonprofit organization that has built collaborative relationships with other nonprofits, businesses or individuals whose combined efforts have had a significant, positive and systemic impact.

The Better Together Award includes $25,000 to directly benefit the collaboration or partnership.



Emerging Leader Award

The Emerging Leader Award celebrates and calls attention to the promise and impact of talented nonprofit leaders that have recently made it to the top of their organization or are on their way.

The Emerging Leader Award includes $5,000 for the individual’s compensation and benefits. There will be two (2) Emerging Leader Awards.