Introducing Socially Responsible Investing


The Santa Barbara Foundation now offers a Socially Responsible Investing portfolio (SRI).This portfolio is designed with a focus on environmental, social and governance (ESG). Here is more information on how each fund in the portfolio defines socially responsible investing and a snapshot that describes the components of this new product. This is an exciting opportunity for individuals and organizations to target investments toward social responsibility. With a minimum of $50,000, an account can be opened and you’ll be on your way to giving and getting.

Please contact Director of Investments Cheri Savage or call (805) 880-9384 to get started or to expand your Santa Barbara Foundation investments.

SB County Food Action Plan

In Santa Barbara County, we are addressing the challenges that place our health, environment and community at risk. The Food Action Plan is the result of two years of collaboration and partnership, over a thousand hours of volunteer time, and the significant investment of local foundations and donors. Explore the plan

Community Caregiving Initiative

The Santa Barbara Foundation is committed to innovative solutions supporting people who need care and the people who care for them. The Community Caregiver Initiative (CCI) is increasing awareness and advancing support for the 70,000 unpaid family caregivers in Santa Barbara County.
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