Health Care Program Area

2019 Grant Guidelines

With the adoption of the Santa Barbara Foundation’s 2018-2023 Strategic Priorities, the Foundation continues to acknowledge the importance of meeting basic human needs and values the critical work of agencies throughout the county addressing these needs. In 2019, the Foundation will be intentional in supporting purposeful pathways to build stronger communities. Of particular importance is how critical the provision of health care and behavioral health is to life outcomes of individuals, and how often this is beyond the control of those most impacted.

Poor health is often the result of lower use of health care by individuals who are often uninsured or under-insured. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) led to historic gains in health insurance coverage by extending Medicaid coverage to many low-income individuals and providing marketplace subsidies for individuals below 400 percent of poverty. However, according to the Community Health Needs Assesment Report by Cottage Health (2016), 11.3 percent of adults in Santa Barbara County remain uninsured with the majority (21 percent) living in Santa Maria.

The situation is even worse in regards to the major economic and practical barriers that exist in accessing quality dental care. As of 2012, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that as many as 47% of Americans (a total of 148 million people) lack access to some form of public or private dental insurance – this is three times more than the number of Americans that lack public or private health insurance.

In order to more adequately address the different approaches required by critical areas of human need, the Santa Barbara Foundation has established four separate program areas of funding; health care, behavioral health, food, and shelter & safety. The timeline for the grant cycle related to health care program area will take place from February through mid-July. Applicants will be required to select the area of funding that most closely represents the mission of the applying organization. Organizations are not eligible to apply for more than one program area.



Grants will be available to nonprofit organizations directly providing health care programs. Funding can be used for operating expenses and/or costs related to sustaining or expanding service delivery programs to meet demonstrated demand.

In summary, funded organizations will:



Priority will be given to organizations that:


Funding Amounts and Duration

The maximum award for Health Care grants is $50,000. The grant review panel may reduce or increase award amounts at its discretion. The grant period is up to one year from the award date. A final report is required and is due within 13 months of the grant award, preferably no later than 30 days following the project completion. If your organization received a Core Support for Basic Needs Grant in 2018, the corresponding final report is independent of this grant application.


Grant Limitations

Grants in the Health Care program areas are not intended for:

Please visit the Eligibility Criteria & FAQs for a complete list of what the foundation does not fund.


Eligibility Requirements


ONLINE Application Process

Santa Barbara Foundation utilizes an online application. Please follow the instructions below to access, complete and submit your application to the foundation.


Important Dates

 March 8, 2019 Application Deadline
July 2019 Funds Awarded
August 16, 2020 Final Report Deadline


Contact Information

For questions regarding the Health Care program area and funding eligibility, please contact Guille Gil-Reynoso, Community Engagement Officer, (805) 963-1873 or

For technical assistance, please contact Deanna Vallejo, Community Engagement Associate, (805) 963-1873 or