Grant Opportunities

Community Grant Programs

Community grants are grants the Foundation makes in response to needs and requests from the nonprofits in our community. They are supported by the Foundation’s endowment and donors, and are awarded through a rigorous process of research, planning, due diligence and evaluation. Foundation staff consult with community volunteers whose expertise ensures a balanced approach to the review process.

In addition to community grant programs, the Foundation is a catalyst for community change and offers grant opportunities under our focus areas and initiatives. Please visit our Landscape, Ecosystems, Agriculture and Food Systems (LEAF) Initiative and Community Caregiving Initiative pages to learn about these community initiatives.

Please review the community grant descriptions below to see which is the best opportunity for you. The majority of our applications are online with the exception of our Give Together Grant Programs which can be completed through a fillable PDF.

Please note: Before starting your fillable PDF application, please download and save the application to your desktop using Adobe Reader. Edits made to the form in the browser will not be saved. Review Application & Submittal Procedures for further instructions.

Grant guidelines and applications will be posted as they become available. For more information, please reference our Eligibility Criteria & FAQs or contact the staff member listed on the initiative pages or on the grant opportunities below.

Community Grant Programs
  1. Small Capacity Building Program Area
  2. Health Care Program Area
  3. Behavioral Health Program Area
  4. Food Program Area
  5. Shelter & Safety Program Area
Community Disaster Relief Fund
  1. Community Disaster Relief Fund Grant Program
Childcare (Focus Area) Grant Programs
  1. Daniel Fund Child Care Scholarships
  2. Childcare Grant Program
Give Together Grant Programs (Fillable PDF Applications)
  1. Blood Research and Education
  2. Senior Programs of Santa Barbara
  3. Senior Programs Express Grants
  4. Towbes Fund for the Performing Arts
Foundation Roundtable Common Grant Program
  1. Common Grant Application


Community Grant Programs


OPEN: Small Capacity Building Program Area

Small Capacity Building Program grants (formerly Express Grants) are awards of up to $5,000 aimed at strengthening the organizational capacity and programmatic effectiveness of nonprofit organizations serving Santa Barbara County.


CLOSED: Health Care Program Area

Health Care Grants are available to support nonprofit organizations directly providing services in the areas of health care. Grant amounts: up to $50,000.


CLOSED: Behavioral Health Program Area

Behavioral Health Grants are available to support nonprofit organizations directly providing services in the areas of behavioral health. Grant amounts: up to $50,000.


OPEN: Food Program Area

Food Grants are available to support nonprofit organizations directly providing services in the areas of food. Grant amounts: up to $50,000.


OPEN: Shelter & Safety Program Area

Shelter & Safety Grants are available to support nonprofit organizations directly providing services in the areas of shelter and safety. Grant amounts: up to $50,000.


Childcare (Focus Area) Grant Program


CLOSED: Daniel Fund Childcare Scholarships

William and Lottie Daniel Fund Childcare Scholarships are available to nonprofit organizations that provide quality child care for working families.


CLOSED: Childcare Grant Program

Chilldcare Grants are available to support nonprofit child care providers and family support services in Santa Barbara County to meet the critical needs of young children and set the stage for lifelong learning success.


Give Together Grant Programs


UPCOMING: Blood Research and Education

Blood Research and Education Grants, offered through the Tri-Counties Blood Bank Fund, are available to support blood and blood-related products and services.


CLOSED: Senior Programs of Santa Barbara

The Senior Programs of Santa Barbara Committee Advised Fund Program Grants are available to support programs and projects directed to the welfare of senior citizens in the cities of Santa Barbara, Goleta and Carpinteria. Grants cannot be used for overhead, salaries, capital or building funds. Grant range: $2,000 to $15,000. Collaborative applications are acceptable.


OPEN: Senior Programs Express Grants

The Senior Programs Fund also makes available each year a sum of $5,000 for its Express Grants, with the purpose of funding a limited number of one-per-year grants to a grantee of up to $1,000 each. Express Grants are available for a variety of activities in the following areas: small projects, short-term opportunities and sponsorships.


UPCOMING: Towbes Fund for Performing Arts

The Towbes Fund for the Performing Arts is now accepting grant applications for 2019. Grant requests for this round should not exceed $15,000. The second grant cycle for 2019 will open on August 1, 2019 with awards being distributed in October 2019. Look for additional information towards mid-summer of 2019.


Contact our team to help you with your specific needs.