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2019 William & Lottie Daniel Fund Childcare Scholarship Guidelines

The 2017 Childcare Needs Assessment in Santa Barbara County determined that many families are not able to access quality childcare due to income eligibility, lack of available spaces, and indefinite lengths of time on waiting lists. The spaces available in a variety of early childhood programs are far from what is needed in our county. There are fewer than 18,000 early childcare and education spaces, but 35,000 children in need of them. Families eligible for publicly funded childcare are competing for half the number of spaces for children aged birth to 12.

Access to quality childcare remains a critical need in our community. The Santa Barbara Foundation believes that every individual deserves an equal opportunity to achieve their potential and for working families to thrive in Santa Barbara County. To make this possible many working families need access to affordable quality childcare. In Santa Barbara County, if a family has an annual median income of $61,782 and has an infant and a preschooler in center-based care, they may need to spend up to 35% of their income for childcare. With its adoption of the 2019-2023 Strategic Plan, the Santa Barbara Foundation prioritized increasing affordable and accessible quality childcare in Santa Barbara County.

The William & Lottie Daniel Fund Childcare Scholarship (Daniel Fund) is now administered under the Foundation’s Childcare focus area for licensed nonprofit childcare facilities that align with both the donor’s intent, as well as other community initiatives for child development.


Quality childcare programs provide children with healthy and safe environments, caring relationships, social emotional stimulation, and age-appropriate activities that enrich learning. Childcare scholarships are intended for year-round childcare facilities that can demonstrate an alignment with their community’s Kindergarten Readiness Networks and/or other child development objectives and outcomes. Scholarships will be awarded to licensed nonprofit childcare centers serving children 0-5 years of age and school-age children (grades TK-6).

The Daniel Fund guidelines specify that families selected to receive funds must –



For organizations serving children 0-5 years of age priority will be given to:                                     

For organizations serving school-age children (grades TK-6) priority will be given to:


Funding Amounts and Duration

Funding amounts vary by age of child served. The grant period is up to one year from the award date. A final report is required and is due within 13 months of the grant award, preferably no later than 30 days following program completion.

Eligibility Requirements


Online Application Process

The Santa Barbara Foundation utilizes an online application. Please follow the instructions below to access, complete and submit your application to the foundation.


Important Dates


April 22, 2019 Application Deadline
May 2019 Funds Awarded
June 15, 2020 Final Report Deadline


Contact Information

For questions about the William and Lottie Daniel Fund Childcare Scholarships program, funding eligibility, technical assistance and support, please contact Rubayi Estes, Director, Evaluation and Learning, at (805) 880-9351 or

For technical assistance, please contact Deanna Vallejo, Community Engagement Associate, (805) 963-1873 or