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Applying for a grant through the Santa Barbara Foundation can be done in 5 steps:

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Application Deadlines

For instructions on how to apply online, please review our application and submittal procedures.

Grant Program/Initiative Deadline Date
Small Capacity Building Grant Program FEBRUARY – NOVEMBER 2020 First Monday of each month (Tuesday if Monday is a holiday)
Behavioral Health & Health Care Grants March 8, 2021
William & Lottie Daniel Fund Child Care Scholarships March 19, 2021

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Learning Together

The Santa Barbara Foundation is committed to continually learning from our community partners in everything that we do, from sharing knowledge and evaluating data to brainstorming ideas for future success. Through data and research, we know we can create a comprehensive understanding of facts and provoke questions about systemic challenges which will drive us to generate an even greater community impact.

We have also learned we must work together to support other nonprofit leaders in their professional development and to increase our shared access to resources. By learning together we are empowered to implement the key recommendations from our our data-driven research in the most efficient and beneficial way for Santa Barbara County.

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Endowment Fund

Nonprofit organizations may establish an Agency Endowment Fund for their organization at the Santa Barbara Foundation. By entrusting funds to the foundation and investing in one of our investment portfolios, charities can benefit from our comprehensive investment process, strong fiduciary oversight, and our expertise in investment management and administration.

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