County Connections

To keep Santa Barbara County connected to our work, the Santa Barbara Foundation publishes reports updating our community about important issues, highlighting donor contributions, and exploring the Foundation’s impact. Thank you for joining the Foundation in our work to lead, inspire and amplify philanthropy throughout our community and beyond.

2019 Annual Report

Strategy for a Stronger Future 

For 92 years, Santa Barbara Foundation (SBF) donors have entrusted us, the region’s largest community foundation, to invest their charitable dollars with empathy and an eye toward significant and measurable impact. In 2019, SBF continued this work in a big way – in partnership with our donors, we invested $31 million in Santa Barbara County nonprofit organizations to support working families, vulnerable populations, and all who dream of a stronger future. Explore the full report here.

COVID-19: How You Can Help

County Connections | April 2020

Since COVID-19 began affecting our county in mid-March, our communities have faced incredible challenges. For our most vulnerable community members, the COVID-19 crisis has been devastating.

The Santa Barbara Foundation along with the COVID-19 Joint Response Effort is working to provide support to our neighbors and the nonprofits that serve them during this extremely difficult time. This edition of our County Connections Report explores the COVID-19 crisis in Santa Barbara County, how our social sector has stepped up to support those in need, and a few ways YOU can help our communities.


Be a Catalyst for Change

County Connections | October 2019

The fall 2019 edition of our County Connections Report focuses on the importance of working together to “Be a Catalyst for Change.” In partnership with our donors, SBF serves as a catalyst for change across our county by cultivating leadership, promoting innovation, fostering collaborations, and advocating for the needs of our residents. Learn how you can join us in our work to catalyze change for Santa Barbara County!

Defining Safety in Santa Barbara County

County Connections | July 2019 Leer en español

The theme of the summer edition of our County Connections Report is “Defining Safety in Santa Barbara County.” This report explores some of the major issues threatening the safety of our residents, and highlights several social service agencies doing important work to remedy these issues.

Supporting Wellness in Santa Barbara County

County Connections | May 2019 Leer en español

We have changed the name of this publication from our Quarterly Report to our County Connections Report. Don’t worry, this report will still be released at the end of each quarter, but we have organized themes and data points to share pressing issues in our communities. Donor acknowledgement and finances can be viewed in our 2018 Report of Grants & Gifts.


2018-2023 Strategic Priorities Summary

From 2018 to 2023, our strategic priorities include a reinvigorated commitment to supporting our most vulnerable populations throughout Santa Barbara County by addressing basic human needs.

Report of Grants & Gifts

Click here to view our 2018 Report of Grants & Gifts!

Our 2018 Report of Grants & Gifts is now online. We are sharing important information while saving paper at the same time.

We hope you enjoy reading this Report and learning about our work for Santa Barbara County!

Arts & Culture in Santa Barbara County

County Connections | October – December 2018 Leer en español

  • Q4 Donor Contributions: $10.5M
  • Q4 Investments in Santa Barbara County: $30.2M

Click on the image to the right explore featured articles highlighting local arts and culture organizations, programs, events and more.

Celebrating 90 Years of Service to Santa Barbara County

County Connections | July – September 2018 | Leer en español

  • Q3 Donor Contributions: $4,754,000
  • Q3 Investments in Santa Barbara County: $4,658,000
  • Year to Date Donor Contributions: $12,721,000
  • Year to Date Investments in Santa Barbara County: $15,208,000

Helping Our Youth Thrive

County Connections | April – June 2018

  • Q2 Donor Contributions: $4,506,000
  • Q2 Investments in Santa Barbara County: $3,993,000
  • Year to Date Donor Contributions: $7,967,000
  • Year to Date Investments in Santa Barbara County: $10,550,000

Community Resilience

County Connections | January – March 2018

  • Donor Contributions: $3,461,000
  • Investments in Santa Barbara County: $6,557,000
  • Investments Beyond the County: $2,988,000


Achieving Impact

Community Foundation News | October – December 2017

  • Donor Contributions: $13,576,000
  • Investments in Santa Barbara County: $3,807,000
  • Investments Beyond the County: $2,337,000
  • Year to Date Donor Contributions: $45,084,000
  • Year to Date Investments in Santa Barbara County: $16,922,000

Learning Together

Community Foundation News | July – September 2017

  • Donor Contributions: $5,694,000
  • Investments in Santa Barbara County: $5,139,000
  • Investments Beyond the County: $2,059,000

Strengthening Collaboration

Community Foundation News | April – June 2017

  • Donor Contributions: $2,301,000
  • Investments in Santa Barbara County: $3,017,000
  • Investments Beyond the County: $2,783,000

Empowering Leaders

Community Foundation News | January – March 2017

  • Donor Contributions: $23,526,000
  • Investments in Santa Barbara County: $5,162,000
  • Investments Beyond the County: $2,200,000