Give Together

Vesalius Foundation

The Vesalius Foundation’s mission is to accelerate research and development for cancer detection and provide financial support for patients unable to afford the latest in cutting-edge testing technology. It is our belief that the cornerstone for better cancer treatment is growing our knowledge, advancing new technology and improving patient access to new discoveries.

Accelerating Research
The Vesalius Foundation focuses its financial support to specific research projects where researchers are working on the latest in cancer detection. With a more streamlined grant application, researchers will not get slowed down by the paperwork and bureaucracy of traditional government funding. We don’t just wait for the ideas to come to our doors. We are actively seeking out brilliant ideas poised to drive innovation by engaging in outreach to those researchers working to advance the field of cancer detection. This proactive approach allows us to identify high impact projects and accelerate progress.

Supporting Patients
For patients, we recognize that new technology in healthcare is usually more expensive when it is first introduced to the market. Cancer detection is no different. At the Vesalius Foundation, we do not want the cost of the test to be a barrier to successful detection and treatment. As part of our philanthropic effort, we finance payment for cutting edge testing for patients who lack the means and resources to pay for it themselves.

Our Goal
To raise $2M, fund 3-5 focused research projects and support 50 patients in gaining access to cutting edge cancer detection technology.