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Resilient Santa Barbara: Behavioral Health Education Series

Our mission is to apply innovation to the most urgent present and future challenges facing our community in a new Community-wide Program on Collaborative Education and Learning.

Preparing Santa Barbara for the Next Crisis—Investing in Community-wide Resilience.

We don’t know when the next crisis will occur: a second Thomas fire, landslides, earthquakes, a corona virus epidemic, or the accelerated deployment of 5G without consideration of its health, environment, and privacy risks to our community. How well prepared is Santa Barbara for these contingencies? The most basic first step is public awareness and education. While calamities of this kind touch the lives of everyone, they will fall most heavily on children, elderly citizens, disabled persons, and economically disadvantaged and minority groups.

We are launching a new workshop and lecture series to enable the Santa Barbara community as a whole meet these challenges creatively, effectively, and compassionately. With your sponsorship we can make available on a charitable basis in person workshops featuring the extraordinary talent that exists in our community, and also outside guest experts. Please see the roadmap Santa Barbara as a Resilient City: 10 Steps Toward Sustainable Change.

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