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Marcie’s Fund

Santa Barbara Triathlon is honored to be a part of celebrating Marcie Kjoller’s life. She was well known and loved by all of us here at Santa Barbara Triathlon. If you ever needed someone to get you out of your race morning funk, Marcie was your lady. All she had to do was smile. We will miss seeing that smile but it warms our hearts knowing her memory will live forever.

Marcie was born on May 14th, throughout her life the number 14 became significant and was not only her favorite number, but was the reason behind everything she did. Her server tips would be rounded out to 14, her training distances always seemed to add up to a total of 14, and she’d even delay her lap start times to the :14 second mark. Her four passions combined with 10 characteristics that describe her; 1. Cheerleader 2. Coach 3. Entertainer 4. Friend 5. Mother 6. Singer 7. Sister 8. Swimmer 9. Teacher 10. Wife, make up a fabulous 14! With that in mind we hope you and your contacts can generate $14, $140, $1,400 or even $14,000 toward Marcie’s Fund. Your donations will be granted equally to the following four organizations: UCSB Swimming, Heal the Ocean, The Red Piano Marcie Musical Scholarship, and Alpha Resource Center!

Please join us in honoring the memory of Marcie Kjoller by either making a donation or fundraising. Help us leave a mark on those organizations that Marcie was passionate about.