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Field of Interest Fund

Inherently flexible, this type of fund allows you to identify and support a broad, charitable purpose or category of interest, such as the arts, education, or human services. You can rely on the Santa Barbara Foundation to identify organizations capable of making the greatest impact in the specific issue area or region of particular importance to you.

How It Works

  • You make a gift of cash or other assets to establish your fund at the Santa Barbara Foundation.
  • Define the issue or area you want to support.
  • The Santa Barbara Foundation's staff ensures that your dollars support organizations and initiatives that are effective.
  • Grantmaking can be fulfilled by the Santa Barbara Foundation or advised by a group of individuals serving on a committee.

How You Benefit

  • You receive an immediate tax deduction.
  • Grants from your fund will be made in line with your original vision.
  • Your fund is managed by the Foundation's knowledgeable staff.

Questions ?

Our Philanthropic Services team can help you choose the best charitable tool to meet your philanthropic goals. Call (805) 963-1873 or use this contact form so we may discuss your options.
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