Your Partner in Philanthropy

Corporate partners can be a powerful driver for change in a community. Your ideas, your motivation, and your teamwork are fuel to lead the way to a better Santa Barbara County. Whether you’re a young business just devising its giving strategy, or you have a long history of investing in the community through a corporate foundation, we welcome the opportunity to work with you to build your philanthropic mission and raise your profile in the community.

Corporate Giving Opportunities

The Santa Barbara Foundation can help you design and implement a plan to meet your company’s needs and achieve your desired philanthropic objectives. We can also deploy your company’s philanthropic resources to programs, partners and ideas in Santa Barbara County that will improve the quality of life for those who live, work, and play in our communities.

Your company and employees will become part of a long history of community philanthropists whose gifts become part of a “community chest” used to help our communities thrive.

Make a Gift

A gift to the Santa Barbara Foundation is an investment in our county. Your gift to the Community Engagement Fund allows us to cultivate leadership, promote innovation, and foster collaboration throughout Santa Barbara County. Make a Gift of any size today.

Open a Charitable Account

Open a Corporate Advised Fund to support the organizations or causes you care about at your convenience. Your fund may start small and grow; may be given over time; may be a targeted investment or an unrestricted gift.

Start a Grantmaking Program

Make grants to organizations through your charitable account through a grant application process. We allow you to outsource the paperwork by providing behind-the-scenes administration and creating regular charitable reports. Our team is here to assist you with administrative support, grantee evaluation, and community expertise.

Workplace Giving

Promote a culture of philanthropy in your workplace. Encourage your employees to give to their community in an impactful way through convenient payroll deductions directed to the Santa Barbara Foundation.

Matching Gift Campaigns

Start a fundraising campaign and support your employees’ donations by offering a corporate-sponsored matching gift. We’ll partner with you to set a campaign goal and a matching gift percentage, and send your company regular updates on the success of the campaign.

Make a Pledge

Make a commitment today that will leave a lasting impact in your community by pledging a percent of your staff time, product, profit, and/or equity to the Santa Barbara Foundation. You’ll be joining thousands of companies around the world that are already participating. Our team is here to help you map out a timeline and giving plan that aligns with your values and goals. Pledge now and show your support for Santa Barbara County!

What We Offer

90 years and counting. For more than nine decades our specialty has been charitable giving. Our experienced team can simplify the establishment of your corporate giving plan by providing expert guidance in strategic philanthropy.

Community knowledge. Our professional staff has been working in Santa Barbara County for years and understands its needs and opportunities. This makes us well positioned to connect you to the causes you care about and the people who are successfully addressing them.

Vetting of applicants. We do our due diligence to ensure that grant recipients are qualified to provide the services outlined in the grant and support them in their efforts.

Streamlined Administration. While you’re busy running your business, we will administer and monitor your company’s charitable plan, giving you reports on requests, charities supported, and amounts donated.

Online access. Our secure donor site gives you the ability to monitor your fund activity, review balances, or make donations and grant recommendations at your convenience.

Tax benefits. Your business will receive immediate tax benefits when a gift is made to a corporate-advised fund, even if the funds are distributed later. We provide tax receipts for all contributions and process grants quickly and efficiently.

Financial efficiency. Working with the Santa Barbara Foundation is a cost effective and efficient way to administer a fund and assist with the grantmaking process.

Recognition. As a philanthropic partner, your business will be highlighted as a corporate leader that is investing in the health and well-being of Santa Barbara County. You will be recognized as a community leader, supporting a culture of philanthropy among your peers in our community.

Name your fund. We offer the opportunity to name your fund to highlight your business or reflect the aspirational goal of the fund. The Santa Barbara Foundation will include you as a collaborative partner in its media and promotional materials.

Anonymous grantmaking. If you prefer not be identified publicly you may remain anonymous with the flexibility to change your preference on a grant-by-grant basis.


Contact our team to help you with your specific needs.