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Global Neighborhood Fund

Since 2010, the Global Neighborhood Fund has been a leading collective global giving group that has provided nearly $350,000 in grassroots grants to organizations in developing countries. Some of their past and present work has included/includes providing people with health care, clean water, education for girls, economic empowerment, safe births, and prevention and treatment of gender violence.

Global Neighborhood Founders Sandra Tyler, Connie Smith with Dr. Raj Panjabi

The Global Neighborhood Fund was founded by Nancy Koppelman, Connie Smith, and Sandra Tyler. After visiting war-stricken Liberia, these women saw a great need to strengthen the healthcare and education of this country and others like it and built what is now the Global Neighborhood Fund.

At its launch party, where they would give out their first grants, specifically in the areas of health care, clean water and women’s reproductive rights, the Global Neighborhood Fund introduced Last Mile Health as one of their first awardees. Still supported by the Global Neighborhood Fund to this day, Last Mile Health’s goal is to build relationships with the government to integrate networks of community health professionals in the public health system to help those living “at the last mile” and ultimately bridge the gap between health systems and remote communities. The CEO and co-founder of Last Mile Health, Dr. Raj Panjabi, has been a huge partner of the Global Neighborhood Fund and, in May 2017, he was invited to share his story and his work to a group of about a 100 guests at the Santa Barbara Club.

Dr. Panjabi grew up in the midst of the civil-war in Liberia. He was able to escape as boy, start his education in the medical field and then return to Liberia to help to restore the damaged country. Since then, Panjabi has received many accolades, including being named one of Fortune’s “World’s Greatest Leaders” in 2015, earning a 2017 TED Prize and being recognized in Time Magazine as one of the “100 Most Influential People” through an essay by former President Bill Clinton.

Last Mile Health, Liberia

Last Mile Health has been rapidly growing since its beginnings in 2007. In 2016, 50,000 people were helped with the health services of Last Mile Health; 2,600 community health workers were recruited; and 2,300 people were trained. It has not only helped improve health conditions and treatments for the people of Liberia, but has also helped create new jobs across Liberia. Panjabi is now seeking to expand to a global scale to “train, connect, and empower community health workers,” all around the world. He has already started this expansion through the creation of a Community Health Academy, which is global platform to train, connect and empower community health workers.

“Trained health-care workers in the Liberian field could be a great model and game changer for rural America and the health crisis that is front and center in our country today,” Panjabi said.

The Global Neighborhood Fund’s support of Last Mile Health is just one example of the many organizations that the fund has helped with the generous supports people who give their time and money. As Nancy Koppelman said, “The Global Neighborhood Fund underwrites its activities so that every dollar raised through collective giving and donations goes directly to the projects we support, which, in turn, strengthens communities. We take great pleasure in inviting members and friends to continually participate in educational events, learn together and connect personally with award-winning social entrepreneurs and grassroots change makers like Dr. Raj Panjabi.”

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