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Collective Giving

SVPSB Partner and Executive Committee Chair
Laurie Ashton presents a $25,000 check to the Mental Health Association in Santa Barbara County.

Collective giving allows like-minded people to leverage their philanthropic impact by pooling funds and other resources. The Santa Barbara Foundation is proud to foster thoughtful philanthropy through collective giving, allowing individuals to realize their passions while making a difference in the community.

The foundation makes collective giving easy by providing flexible ways to manage personalized philanthropy. We provide a high level of expertise in directing philanthropic efforts and our Philanthropic Services staff can direct you toward the ideal opportunity that is right for you. We also provide administrative support to all of our collective giving groups. In most cases, concerned individuals come to the foundation with a need – an exciting concept that they want to implement and make a reality. This need is met through the foundation, providing continued positive community impact, while also creating a legacy of giving that will live on.

Through your participation in a giving circle, you are able to realize your philanthropic passions while making a difference in the community you live in. Click on the appropriate link below to find out more about the giving circle that best aligns with your philanthropic goals.

Business Giving Roundtable
Global Neighborhood Fund
Ojai Women's Fund
Social Venture Partners Santa Barbara
Women's Fund of Northern Santa Barbara County
Women's Fund of Santa Barbara
North County Headquarters:  (805) 346-6123  |   2625 S. Miller Street, Suite 101, Santa Maria, CA 93455
South County Headquarters:  (805) 963-1873  |  1111 Chapala Street, Suite 200, Santa Barbara, CA 93101