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Charles and Me

By: Jonathan Bower

My friend Charles and I have been friends for over 25 years. We attend a men’s group together, and have a lot of fun hanging out.

Recently, Charles needed to sell his car to help out with his living expenses. Charles asked me if I would help him place an advertisement to sell his car on Craigslist. I said, “Sure! Bring your car over to my house, I will take a few pictures and post the ad for you.”

I took some good pictures of the car, and Charles provided the information to go into the ad. I gave Charles a few tips when showing the car, like meet in a neutral place and meet during the day, not at night. I also told him that when he collects the money from the car sale, that he should go to a bank to verify that the funds are good.

As it turned out, Charles sold the car to the second person who viewed it, and the sale of the car went very smoothly. I’m glad I could help out my good friend Charles. It’s sometimes those simple things in life that mean so much to someone and really embody what a story of philanthropy is meant to be.

Jonathan Bower is an Operations Associate for the Santa Barbara Foundation.
North County Headquarters:  (805) 346-6123  |   2625 S. Miller Street, Suite 101, Santa Maria, CA 93455
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