Santa Barbara Foundation Honors 2016 Fleischmann, Floro, and Spaulding Scholarship Recipients

2016 Spaulding Award Recipient Carla Mendoza with Santa Barbara Foundation Trustee Michael Young

Fifty-four students throughout Santa Barbara County were selected for the Santa Barbara Foundation's 2016 Fleischmann, Floro, and Spaulding Awards. The awards were presented at receptions for students and their families.

2016 Floro Award Recipients

“These remarkable young people represent the top one percent of high school students throughout Santa Barbara County. They each have shown extraordinary commitment to achieve their goals while also demonstrating an inspiring selflessness through their help of other people in their communities,” said Ron Gallo, President & CEO of the Santa Barbara Foundation. “The futures of these and the many other communities these young leaders will call home are in very good hands.”

In total, $142,950 was distributed to recipients this year. The Fleischmann, Floro, and Spaulding Awards recognize students in Santa Barbara County for academic excellence and dedication to community service.

Floro Award recipients are selected from Santa Maria and Fleischmann Award recipients are selected from throughout the county with the top candidate in the Fleischmann pool receiving the Spaulding Award. Students receiving a Fleischmann Award receive a $2,750 scholarship and Floro Award recipients are given a $2,525 scholarship. The winner of the Spaulding Award receives a $3,500 scholarship.

2016 Fleischmann and Spaulding Award Recipients

The Floro Scholarships were made possible through a generous bequest from Gwendolyn May Shelly Floro. The Fleischmann and Spaulding scholarships are in honor of Major Max Fleischmann, the founder of the Santa Barbara Foundation, and Edward R. Spaulding, its first Executive Director.

The Santa Barbara Foundation is committed to supporting quality education throughout Santa Barbara County. Working in collaboration with many generous donors throughout the history of the foundation, thousands of local students have benefited from more than $40 million in scholarships from the Santa Barbara Foundation.

Awards Presentations Photo Galleries

2016 Fleischmann and Spaulding Awards

2016 Floro Awards

Spaulding Award Recipient

  • Carla Mendoza, Santa Maria High School

Fleischmann Award Recipients

  • Mia Andersen, Santa Ynez Valley Union High School
  • Yarely Aviles Moreno, Carpinteria High School
  • Natalie Baur, Dos Pueblos High School
  • Sarah Beck, Cabrillo High School
  • Emily Berman, Santa Ynez Valley Union High School
  • Adam Childs, San Marcos High School
  • Armon Ghodoussi, Laguna Blanca High School
  • Kaylia Grant, Dos Pueblos High School
  • Carly Johnson, San Marcos High School
  • Blake Katsev, San Marcos High School
  • Zoe Krieger, Dos Pueblos High School
  • Ekin Lam, Dos Pueblos High School
  • Sarah Leicht, Bishop Garcia Diego High School
  • Elizabeth Lopez, Cabrillo High School
  • Marena Lundy, Lompoc High School
  • Jasmine Manson, Santa Barbara High School
  • Elsy Mora, Lompoc High School
  • Zadie Onishuk, San Marcos High School
  • Rylee Sager, Lompoc High School
  • Jaclyn Smith, Santa Ynez Valley Union High School
  • Ashley Steidl, Alta Vista High School
  • Whitney Steidl, Dos Pueblos High School
  • Courtney Welker, Santa Ynez Valley Union High School
  • Zachary Wells, San Marcos High School
  • Aneseigha Wiggins, Orcutt Academy Charter High School

Floro Award Recipients

  • Marie Aguinaldo,* St. Joseph High School
  • Mateo Becerra, St. Joseph High School
  • Rachel Blackburn, St. Joseph High School
  • Madeline Callis, Orcutt Academy High School
  • Diego Cardenas Garcia, Pioneer Valley High School
  • Vethea Cole, Pioneer Valley High School
  • Kevin Cruden, St. Joseph High School
  • Sofia Duran-Ibarra, Pioneer Valley High School
  • Nicole Foster, Orcutt Academy High School
  • Aaron Garcia, Orcutt Academy High School
  • Jacqueline Gudino-Rios, Santa Maria High School
  • Haley Kang, Ernest Righetti High School
  • Julian Lua-Lopez, Santa Maria High School
  • Bradley Mason, Orcutt Academy High School
  • Fabiola Mendoza-Ayala, Santa Maria High School
  • Mariah Morales, Pioneer Valley High School
  • Andrew Myers, St. Joseph High School
  • Clarissa Nillo, Ernest Righetti High School
  • Angelika Pasion, Pioneer Valley High School
  • Arjun Patel, St. Joseph High School
  • Courtney Reyburn,* Ernest Righetti High School
  • Gabriela Rodriguez, Santa Maria High School
  • Jayla Romain, Ernest Righetti High School
  • Gabriela Seda, Orcutt Academy High School
  • Rebecca Souza, St. Joseph High School
  • Theresa Taylor, Orcutt Academy High School
  • Gabriela Toscano, Santa Maria High School
  • Lian Mae Tualla, Santa Maria High School

*Student is a Floro Award renewal recipient
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