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Agency Endowment Funds

The Santa Barbara Foundation is pleased to manage agency endowment funds for a variety of organizations. Photo courtesy of the Santa Barbara Courthouse Legacy Foundation.

Agency endowment funds enable nonprofit organizations to establish endowments to support their work in perpetuity. By establishing an agency endowment fund with the Santa Barbara Foundation, your organization will benefit from our investment expertise and administrative support services.

An agency endowment fund is:

  • Flexible: You may add to the fund whenever you wish. The Santa Barbara Foundation can accept almost any asset, including stock and real property.
  • Enduring: Because it is an endowment, it ensures your organization receives support in perpetuity.
  • Efficient: The foundation utilizes money managers for the assets and provides regular distributions to the designated charity or holds the income until distributions are requested. It also keeps track of donations and will provide quarterly statements of the fund’s activity.
  • Fast: An agency endowment can be set up in a matter of hours.

Learn more information about the foundation's investments.

Who May Benefit?

An agency endowment is ideal for organizations that:

  • Are interested in creating permanent support for their mission
  • Have a healthy operating budget with resources in reserve
  • Have a broad base of support
  • Are stable and have a plan for long term sustainability
  • Have donors who share in the vision of creating an agency endowment fund and want to support the organization in perpetuity

We Offer:

  • Access to a large, diversified investment portfolio
  • Professional oversight of investment managers
  • A disciplined approach to endowment management
  • All foundation support fees paid stay within Santa Barbara County

What's Next?

Call Lynette Muscio at (805) 346-6123 to discuss opening an agency endowment fund.



Endowment Funds are Managed for the Following Agencies:

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