2011 Year End Grants

Year end grants are a component of the foundation’s discretionary giving. As such, the priority is to make a significant community impact by addressing critical community challenges and compelling community needs, and remedying conditions that result in inequality, limited opportunities, and/or a diminished quality of life. In 2011, the Santa Barbara Foundation awarded more than $2.8 million in year end grants.

The following is a summary of the foundation’s recent grants made, clustered by issue areas of important community investment.

Arts and Cultural Expression

Santa Barbara has a rich arts and cultural history that has provided educational outlets and a positive economic impact – but a thriving arts sector today relies on diverse and robust participation. With diminished funding of arts education, grants focus on integrating arts into the learning environment to ensure a continuum of arts exposure, providing learning opportunities for elementary school children to teens and young adults. More specifically, support goes toward collaborations and coordinated delivery of programs that will ensure that arts programming will meet the needs of schools; that it is provided broadly throughout a district or region; and that a range of options are available for students. Support was also given to the county’s finest regional performing arts organizations, all of whom demonstrate organizational excellence and are representative of the true cultural range and diversity of our region. Click here for organization links and project descriptions.

  • Children’s Creative Project - $75,000
  • Santa Barbara Symphony Orchestra Association - $60,000
  • Opera Santa Barbara - $57,600
  • ¡Viva el Arte de Santa Bárbara! (Santa Barbara Community Youth Performing Arts Center) - $50,000
  • Ensemble Theatre Project Inc. -$40,000
  • Lobero Theatre Foundation -$40,000
  • PCPA Foundation - $31,200
  • Santa Barbara Bowl Foundation - $25,000
  • Notes For Notes Incorporated - $15,000
  • Santa Barbara Courthouse Legacy Foundation - $10,000

Living and Dying with Dignity

Persistent pockets of poverty combined with cuts in public funding have had a negative effect on the county’s safety net, creating an increased demand for programs that meet the needs of at risk children, parents, and seniors. Support has been given to programs that reach those in need through the broadest reach and biggest impact throughout the county, with an emphasis on healthy nutrition, responsible parenting, and effective case management for vulnerable people needing food, shelter, and medical services. Additionally, funding was given to projects that enhance independent living for seniors, support mental health services, provide respite for caregivers, and empower under-represented populations. Click here for organization links and project descriptions.

  • Catholic Charities of Los Angeles, Inc. (Santa Barbara region) - $75,000
  • Foodbank of Santa Barbara County - $75,000
  • Good Samaritan Shelter - $75,000
  • Marian Medical Center Foundation - $75,000
  • Promotores de Salud (Doorway to Health) - $75,000
  • Santa Barbara Children’s Oral Health Collaborative (Santa Barbara –Ventura County Dental Care Foundation) - $75,000
  • Santa Ynez Valley People Helping People - $75,000
  • Bringing Our Community Home Collaborative (Casa Esperanza) - $50,000
  • Easy Lift Transportation Inc. - $50,000
  • Santa Barbara Village (Jewish Federation of Greater Santa Barbara) - $50,000
  • Transition House - $60,000
  • Pacific Pride Foundation, Inc. - $40,000
  • Transitions – Mental Health Association - $30,000
  • Carrillo Counseling Services, Inc. – New Beginnings - $25,000
  • Unity Shoppe -$25,000
  • Valley Haven - $20,180

Lifelong Learning

Efforts to reach our youngest children (ages 0-5) are essential to ensuring school readiness. In addition, providing high school students with positive experiences are imperative for encouraging them to stay in school, as many outside distractions have caused students to postpone post-secondary education. Support has been given to programs where lifelong learning is clearly encouraged and open access is seamless for those wishing to gain educational confidence. Programs addressing college retention efforts have been prioritized to ensure meaningful post-high school experiences. Job training and work readiness programs that align with employment opportunities are also a key priority. Click here for organization links and project descriptions.

  • Channel Islands YMCA (Lompoc Facility) - $75,000
  • Foundation for Santa Barbara City College - $75,000
  • Regents of the University of California, Santa Barbara - $75,000
  • Storyteller Children’s Center, Inc. - $75,000
  • Boys & Girls Club of Santa Maria Valley Inc. - $60,000
  • Santa Barbara Police Activities League - $55,720
  • Santa Maria Valley Discovery Museum - $45,000
  • Isla Vista Youth Projects - $35,000
  • Academy of Healing Arts for Teens, AHA Inc. - $30,000
  • Central Coast Literacy Council - $30,000
  • Children’s Museum of Santa Barbara - $25,000
  • Girls Incorporated of Carpinteria - $22,000


Safety is critical for vulnerable residents who are in circumstances of violence, neglect, and need and providing safe places for families and children is an important priority for our communities. Stable families strengthen individual lives as well as our community’s fabric - therefore, funded projects focus on encouraging strong families and responsible children. Click here for organization links and project descriptions.

  • Domestic Violence Solutions for Santa Barbara County - $75,000
  • Family Service Agency of Santa Barbara - $75,000
  • Cuyama Valley Family Resource Center - $72,797
  • Angels Foster Care of Santa Barbara - $40,000
  • Court Appointed Special Advocates of Santa Barbara County - $40,000

Civic Engagement

Worldwide, we have seen many come together to make change – residents finding their voice to create ways to make their communities better for all. Civic engagement is a duty and one that can bring great strides in change, building confidence in individuals and groups. This effort creates more interaction in the community through collaborations – addressing broader issues, connecting residents, and building a better understanding among individuals. Click here for organization links and project descriptions.

  • Santa Barbara Partners in Education - $75,000
  • Parent Institute for Quality Education - $70,000
  • La Purísima Concepción Parish - $50,000
  • C.A.R.E.4Paws - $28,500
  • La Casa de Maria (Immaculate Heart Community) - $25,000

Sustainable Economic Growth

An expanded and appropriately trained workforce is critical to the county’s sustainability and future. Funded projects utilize existing resources in ways that bring added benefits to the community, including job creation, enhancing nutrition, and addressing health and safety issues through conservation of energy. Click here for organization links and project descriptions.

  • Carpinteria’s Education Foundation - $50,000
  • Lompoc Valley Community Healthcare Organization - $48,400
  • Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital - $25,000

Protection of Our Environmental and Historic Places

The protection of the environment and of local resources and gems of this county – places that are not only special and unique to the region, but that have high ecological, social, or historic value – is a critical community priority. Focus was also placed on extraordinary or timely opportunities for the permanent protection of important environmental places and resources. Additionally, the Foundation funded projects that preserve and restore important historical landscapes or landmarks, which have high public use, visibility, and educational value, as well as proactive strategies to address climate change impacts to natural and built environments. Click here for organization links and project descriptions.

  • Santa Barbara Botanic Garden, Inc. - $60,000
  • Environmental Defense Center/OPEN Project - $45,000
  • Community Environmental Council, Inc. - $40,000
  • Trust for Public Land - $35,000
  • Los Padres ForestWatch, Inc. – 30,000
  • Santa Barbara Channelkeeper - $25,000
  • Santa Barbara Zoological Foundation -$25,000

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