Thanks for Caring Community Recognition Award

The Lompoc Affiliate of the Santa Barbara Foundation established a community recognition award to highlight and acknowledge a group of "unsung heroes" for their contribution to the Lompoc community. They have chosen to honor the traditional service clubs for their lengthy history of service.

Rendering of mural painted on September 15, 2012.

After hosting a series of informational meetings, and after careful consideration of the suggestions presented by the service clubs, a particular type of recognition was tailored to this recipient group with their input. The Lompoc Affiliate was pleased to announce the sponsorship of a "mural-in-a-day" project in partnership with the Lompoc Mural Society. This mural was painted on September 15, 2012 and illustrates the impact of the traditional service clubs on the Lompoc community.

Members of the local Rotary, Kiwanis and Lions Clubs, Lompoc Affiliate, Lompoc Mural Society, and local artists worked to produce this community mural painted in the downtown area. This was a collaborative effort to recognize and create an awareness of the impact of the traditional service clubs on the community, utilize local artists, and celebrate art in the community.

Latest Mural News

Mural-in-a-Day Project a Success!

The mural project was a success! Click here to view our Facebook photo album.

Save the Date!

The mural will be painted throughout the day at Paulin's Flooring at the corner of North I Street and W. Ocean on Saturday, September 15 from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The day will conclude with a dedication ceremony.

Call for Artists!

If you are interested in painting an 18' x 50' section of the mural under the direction of the master artist, please send a brief resume and four to five photos of your work to Ann Thompson at 1112 East Lemon Ave., Lompoc, CA 93436 by June 25, 2012. For more information, please contact Ann at (805) 757-8260.

The Master Artist is Revealed

After receiving many interesting submissions, the Lompoc Mural Society, in partnership with the Lompoc Affiliate, has chosen a master artist to design the latest Lompoc mural. David Blodgett, of South Bend, Indiana, will lead a crew of local, volunteer artists in the creation of his vision. He will now take his sketch and begin preparing the to-scale full-color drawing called a marquette. No stranger to Lompoc murals, Mr. Blodgett was also the Master Artist on the 2005 History of Medicine in the Lompoc Valley mural and the 2010 Lompoc Pioneers: The Moore Family Legacy mural.

Master Artist Selection Process

After a countrywide search, four artists are in contention for master artist of the mural project. The Lompoc Mural Society’s Artistic Criteria Committee (ACC) has met and ranked the sketches submitted for consideration. Now, Mural Society members will have the opportunity to approve the ACC’s selection. Once the final sketch is approved, the master artist will be revealed and he/she will begin preparing a small to-scale full-color drawing of the mural on Masonite.

Mural Location Determined

The mural location has been determined! After much deliberation, the mural will be painted on the Paulin’s building at the corner of South I and West Ocean Avenues. On September 15, the master artist will supervise participating artists as the mural design is painted throughout the course of the day.

Design Sketches on the Way

After presentations were made to the service clubs, the Lompoc Mural Society received information and photos from all five groups being honored. Vicki Andersen and Ann Thompson from the Mural Society have reviewed all submitted information and have generated artist resource packets. Among other things, these packets include color copies of submitted photos, a written description of what the Mural Society is seeking, and information about each of the five club emblems. The packets were mailed out to individuals in the community and 10 master artists responded expressing interest in the project. Now, the Mural Committee will begin to receive design sketches from the artists, which are due by January 30.

Award Presentations

The Lompoc Affiliate made presentations to the traditional service clubs, where the community recognition award itself was also explained. The Affiliate also shared that they had met with club representatives over a year ago to inform them of the award and had asked them for their suggestions on how to best translate the award into a formal recognition. The mural suggestion rose to the top of the list and quickly became a “mural-in-a-day” project. At the award presentations, the clubs were given a list of materials they would need to submit to the Mural Society, including photos of major projects, a brief history, and their mission statement. The clubs will be updated on the progress of the mural project on a regular basis.
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