Welcome, Nonprofits!

Since 1928, the Santa Barbara Foundation has partnered with local nonprofits to provide a vast array of services throughout Santa Barbara County. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we offer grant opportunities that strengthen our nonprofit sector. The foundation seeks to fund a diverse group of nonprofits to help bring about the vision of making Santa Barbara County a more vibrant community. Our nonprofit excellence program strengthens the organizational capacity of nonprofits through educational seminars and programs. The foundation is also a catalyst in community change through our initiatives. We invite you to explore or website and also welcome you to contact a member of our Community Investments team.

In Their Own Words
Building Impact
Santa Barbara is defined by nonprofits, which are the blood-line to the community. They enrich the lives of everyone, bringing vibrancy to the entire county. Watch this three minute video to see highlights of how the foundation is partnering with these organizations.



Agency Endowment Funds

Nonprofit organizations can create an endowment fund with the foundation to support their mission in perpetuity. By entrusting their funds to the foundation and investing in its endowment pool, organizations can benefit from sound investment returns, an ongoing stream of income, and the security of knowing their organization is endowed for the future. Learn more about opening an agency endowment fund.



Nonprofit Spotlight: A Different Point of View

Taking off in an airplane is an exhilarating feeling. Both exciting and terrifying, the momentum pushes you back in your seat until finally, at cruising altitude, you can look out the window and see the seemingly infinite world stretching out below. Unless you are a pilot, or a frequent flyer, this is a rarely seen view, one that inspires feelings of awe and reflection. At A Different Point of View, youth in danger of losing their way are given the opportunity to reflect and find direction, both in their lives and in potential careers through exposure to the aviation industry. Read More...

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