Santa Barbara Foundation New Year's Resolutions

The tradition of New Year’s resolutions stretches back thousands of years, allegedly to the ancient Babylonians who made promises to the gods to repay debt and return stolen goods in order to earn favor for a successful harvest. While getting back to the gym, saving money and a healthier work/life balance may be more common resolutions today, the tradition of making promises for the New Year remains.

Although we do not know what personal joys, challenges and opportunities 2017 will bring, the staff of the Santa Barbara Foundation is excited for the year ahead and the work that will continue on through our community grant programs and initiatives. Thank you for helping us have such a successful 2016 and cheers to working together for an even better 2017. Happy New Year!

“In 2017, I want to empower emerging leaders with resources that will ignite individuals to cultivate their voice and celebrate their spirit. I also intend to recapture friendships lost over the years, and will focus on gratitude, health and celebrating the simplest pleasures of life.” – Guille Gil-Reynoso, Community Investment Officer

“My 2017 New Year’s resolution is to do everything in my power to promote engagement and empathy. These are the tools that have always been available to us to build trust and civility.” – Ron Gallo, President and CEO

“My resolution for 2017 is to make a concentrated effort to give my time (or treasure) to local agencies. There is wonderful work being done in our community and I want to support it.” – Judy Taggart, Chief Operating Officer

“My resolutions are to claim victory over my snooze button, have a full journal by the end of the year, pursue more stillness, have one adventure outside of the country and to ask good questions.” – Cody Howen, Donor Services Associate

“My New Year’s resolution is to upgrade my amateur Ham radio license from Technician to General so that I will be able to provide assistance to emergency services.” – Jonathan Bower, Operations Associate

“To become a better leader by the following definition: A leader waits patiently for an opportunity to serve the people. Leadership is not about position; it is primarily about knowing the needs of others and meeting those needs. Authentic leadership is more about caring for others than about serving self.” – Phylene Wiggins, Senior Director of Community Investments

“More self-care so I have a stronger base to reach even higher next year.” – Sharyn Main, Director of Community Investment

“To stop literally running from meeting to meeting and return to meditating.” – Rubayi Estes, Director of Evaluation and Learning

“I want to gain a more specific and detailed knowledge of our initiatives and different grant cycles in order to be a more efficient advocate of the SBF mission.” – Celine Delpoux, Senior Accountant

“I resolve to take breaks and to schedule time for professional reading.” – Janet Mocker, Senior Director of Finance

“My resolutions are to finish listening to War & Peace, reinvigorate my golf game, say ‘no’ to buying shoes I love but hurt my feet, and establish and grow a fund to support women’s issues.” – Jan Campbell, Chief Philanthropic Officer and Senior Vice President
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