Neighborhood Series

As one of the largest private sources of funding for area nonprofits, agencies, and college bound students, the foundation makes funds available to identify and strategically address critical community issues – to strengthen the nonprofit sector, to encourage collaboration and partnerships, and to engage and align philanthropic capital with community needs in order to positively impact the county’s common good. On this page, you will find the foundation's neighborhood series, which features nearby nonprofits, funders, businesses and other organizations in the neighborhood and asks them how their neighbors, and the community at large, impact their work.

Neighborhood Series: Ensemble Theatre Company

Previously in the Neighborhood Series, we talked to CALM to learn just how important our neighborhood is to its mission of providing families with prevention and intervention services to reduce child abuse. We also learned about some of the unique partnerships that CALM has formed in the neighborhood, such as with the Ensemble Theatre Company (ETC), its neighbor at the New Vic Theatre. So we decided to follow the trail and find out what this neighborhood means to ETC. Read More...


Neighborhood Series: CALM

Since 1969, CALM has provided families with prevention and intervention services to reduce child abuse across Santa Barbara County. At the Santa Barbara Foundation, we know how important CALM is to our neighborhood. However, being just two blocks away, we wanted to know, what does this neighborhood mean to CALM? Read more...


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