incredible children's art network (iCAN)

The Incredible Children’s Art Network (iCAN) was founded in 2005 by a group of individuals who believe that all young people should have access to quality arts learning opportunities and that the arts are essential to the social, emotional, and intellectual development of every child.

The mission of Incredible Children’s Art Network (iCAN) is to bring high quality arts programs to children in Santa Barbara County, particularly those least likely to receive them. Through sustained creative learning opportunities that emphasize both artistic excellence and access, iCAN seeks to affect positive social change in the communities it serves.

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Visual Arts Program

The Visual Arts Program currently provides more than 2,200 children with in-school instruction. The five participating schools include Adams Elementary School, Adelante Charter School, Franklin Elementary School, Harding University Partnership School, and McKinley Elementary School. All sites are designated Title I schools that serve a majority of English Language Learners and hold a statewide Academic Proficiency Ranking of 4 or below. Fusing a sequential and cumulative learning continuum, the program supports the development of each students’ creativity, self-expression, innovation and the ability to work collaboratively – all important skills young people need to become confident, successful, and productive members of the community.

Music Program

The iCAN Music Program provides 90 first through sixth graders with music instruction five days a week at Franklin Elementary School. The program is modeled after Venezuela’s renowned el Sistema model, which seeks to effect social change through the pursuit of musical excellence. Students receive daily music lessons from expert teaching musicians, and their involvement in quality, ensemble-based music making and performance strengthens individual self-confidence and a sense of community. Whether it is learning an instrument, singing in a choir, or developing an understanding of the fundamentals of music, students who participate in the iCAN Music Program grow musically, collaboratively, and in terms of their character.

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Individuals interested in learning more about iCAN and its activities are invited to contact:

incredible children's art network (iCAN)
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The incredible children’s art network (iCAN) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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