Grant Opportunities

Photo by Elliot Lowndes.

Through grants, counsel, and educational opportunities available to all nonprofit organizations in the county, the Santa Barbara Foundation strengthens nonprofit organizations in all sectors – helping them fulfill their missions, working together to address community needs, and affecting positive change.

The Santa Barbara Foundation uses a variety of approaches to invest in the community including competitive grant processes, donor directed organizational investments, and unique collaborative awards designed to address identified areas of focus. Grants are supported by income from the foundation’s endowment and are awarded based on a rigorous process of research, due diligence, planning, and evaluation. Foundation staff consult with community volunteers with subject expertise to ensure a balanced approach to its review processes.

Each grant program has a different purpose, application requirements, and deadlines. Please review the grant guidelines for each program. Click on the program name to learn more.


Grant Program
Application Deadline
Award Date

2015 Community Investment Opportunities

Application period closed

Varies per opportunity

  • Core Support for Basic Needs
  • LEAF
  • Blood Research and Education
  • Childcare Scholarships
  • Capital
  • Family Caregiver Support

2015 Express Grants

Application period closed

Up to six weeks after submission

  • Emerging, Immediate and Critical Needs
  • Collaborative Initiatives
  • Leveraging Community Resources/Matching Funds

2015 Community Learning Sponsorships

Application period closed

Up to 60 days after submission

  • Speaker Stipends
  • Venue Expenses
  • Event Marketing and Advertising
  • Event Equipment Rental

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