Donor Spotlight: Jean-Luc Bourdon Cares for Caregivers, One Client at a Time

Edna was exhausted. Her husband required 24/7 care for serious health problems as well as dementia. She felt that she was the only person who could care for him, and the emotional and physical hardships of being a caregiver were taking their toll. Just when she thought she had nowhere left to turn, she met a family caregiver navigator at Marian Regional Medical Center and was referred to a caregiver support group. Now, Edna feels confident leaving her husband with other caregivers and has started to make action plans to address her own needs. Edna now feels like she has returned to living again and this is thanks to donors like Jean-Luc Bourdon, who support the Santa Barbara Foundation’s Community Caregiving Initiative. Read more...

SB County Food Action Plan

In Santa Barbara County, we are addressing the challenges that place our health, environment and community at risk. The Food Action Plan is the result of two years of collaboration and partnership, over a thousand hours of volunteer time, and the significant investment of local foundations and donors. Explore the plan

Community Caregiving Initiative

The Santa Barbara Foundation is committed to innovative solutions supporting people who need care and the people who care for them. The Community Caregiver Initiative (CCI) is increasing awareness and advancing support for the 70,000 unpaid family caregivers in Santa Barbara County.
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